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Powered by a 1kW Intelligent Energy fuel cell, the bike has a top speed of 50mph and range of ...

Powered by a 1kW Intelligent Energy fuel cell, the bike has a top speed of 50mph and range of 100 miles on a tank of compressed hydrogen. Since the concept was first presented in spring 2005 the ENV has captured the imagination of a global audience of over 340 million (growing by the day). There are currently two prototype ENVs – one black, one white – and they’ve been shown in London, Monaco, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, attracting as diverse an audience as you could imagine: from the British Chancellor of the Exchequer to design aficionados. The ENV is a visionary vehicle: engineered and purpose-built around Intelligent Energy’s world-beating fuel cell technology, from the ground up to demonstrate the real, everyday applicability of fuel cell technology. The ENV is virtually silent (with noise levels equivalent to an everyday home computer) and its only emissions are pure water vapor.

The ENV has been multi-award winning for Intelligent Energy with the company having been honored by such bodies as Design Week, Business Week, Popular Science magazine, Time Magazine and the Worshipful Company of Carmen. We are currently working towards type approval for the ENV motorcycle. This is a challenge because it is the first machine to go for European type approval and therefore, the relevant codes and standards are not yet written. We are having to write the rules! The process involves firstly extensive testing and approval down to single component level, at specialist approved test facilities that are set up for using hydrogen, and secondly the refining and proving of various aspects of the bike's overall performance on private roads, test tracks and other specialist vehicle testing facilities. All of this is under the close scrutiny of the relevant type approvals body. We are also building up the facilities and quality assurance processes required for volume manufacture. Following type approval we plan to roll-out the ENV first in fleets to carefully selected customers, and following this, to the general consumer.

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