Siara Audio Streaming Product To Broadcast Voice

  Designed by Navid Gornall , Siara is an  audio streaming  product, which takes sound from a particular place and broadcasts the same into ...

 Designed by Navid Gornall, Siara is an audio streaming product, which takes sound from a particular place and broadcasts the same into another device or transmits it to another. Siara has been designed is such a way that permits even a non-techie user enjoy a memorable auditory experience in a new place. The user just places the microphone anywhere he/she wants to tune into and with the push of a button, Siara starts collecting music from anywhere in the globe.

Siara is unlike other sound producing device that affects our psychological processes. It has been designed out of an aspiration to appreciate silence. This excellent audio streaming device made from solid walnut and aluminum works in a simple manner. It comprises of 2 parts including a microphone and a server. Place the microphone in a transonic environment and press the button to start the streaming process. Tune in from the place of your choice using your iPhone, iTunes or internet ratio compatible device. The user can either have the streaming url from Siara system for him/her or share it to the rest of the world.


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