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I have been placing Google adsense advertisement code wherever I wanted and after some time, I changed the adsense account and wanted to cha...

I have been placing Google adsense advertisement code wherever I wanted and after some time, I changed the adsense account and wanted to change the adsense code. At that time, it was in a real mess and i was working hard to change the adsense code in all my blog posts. So, I have been searching on how to insert Google Adsense Ads Below Post Title /Above Content/ Below Content Area automatically, over the internet and ended with template changes. If you gonna search for this topic, you will get so many search results, but all confusing and outdated. I have found somewhere a very easy and simple method to show the Google adsense advertisements below the post title. 

I have tried some of the methods those are working fine, but showing the advertisement on my main blog page blog posts as well. Since Google allows only 3 ad unit per page, rest of my posts having blank spaces. Thats really looks bad. So, I assure that this method will not show the ads on your main page.
There are so many ways to place adsense. Basically it is decided based on your template desing and blog contents. But, According to my experience, showing the adsense under the post title of the blog is an effective way. Further, Most effective adsense unit for this place is either 336*280 or 300*250 ad unit. 
Note:- According to the Google adsense, you can place ads anywhere. So, placing ads under the post title wont violate Google adsense policy. 

Please Follow the Simple Steps

1) Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Design >> Template Designer >> Edit HTML >> Click Expand Widget Templates. Dont forget to backup

2) Parse your adsense code here. Dont worry! Simply paste your adsense code on this page  and you will get the results. keep the results as it is and follow the next step.

3) Look for <data:post.body/> in your template. Now copy the following code and paste just before <data:post.body/> . 

<div style="float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;">
Note:  If you are using the read more hack, you might be having more than one <data:post.body/> . So, try one by one.

5) Now Replace YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE with converted adsense code using HTML parse tool.

6) Save the template. Your done. Happy blogging.

Tags: automatically place your adsense advertisement in the middle of the post for blogger, show google adsense advertisement under the post title of the blogger blog post only.


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