Green Hisense AC with green technology

Designer  François Hurtaud 's This green air conditioner concept is a design proposal for Melbou...

Designer François Hurtaud's This green air conditioner concept is a design proposal for Melbourne-based company, Hisense. The internal system of an air con always produces a large amount of water due to condensation whether it’s being used to heat or cool a room. The existing air cons in the market always resolve this excess water by draining or evaporating it into the air. This green Hisense AC concept provides a new idea to avoid wasting water by collecting and reuse it to grow grass horizontally.

We are agree that this innovative idea will not only purify the air, but also bring a touch of greenery in the room. Green Hisense AC concept has been designed with a LED located behind the front window to illuminate the grass and create beautiful soft lighting in the room.

[Via: Tuvie]


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