VEU Individual Electric Vehicle Transforms Into a Trolley in Seconds

VEU designed by designer Alan Fratoni & shown at Tuvie . The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Ele...

VEU designed by designer Alan Fratoni & shown at Tuvie. The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike is to design a collapsible bike where you can carry almost anywhere. A bike can carry you from one point to another, like from your house to a bus stop, however, most of the time, you have to leave/park your bike somewhere if you’re going to get on the bus. Using VEU – individual electric vehicle, all you need to do is fold the bike and carry it with you. Turn VEU into a trolley in seconds to carry your stuff. Once you get to your destination, flip open the bike easily. It’s pretty much the answer to short distance travel.


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  1. This is rather new to me in all. It seems the segway is out style and this is the future counter part.

  2. This is the type of vehicle is the one I want to have. Easy to pack and can be stored in a small space.
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