"ADJUST" Modular screen concept watch

ADJUST Concept watch by Belgium Designer Nico NL1 . Designer says "2111 A.D.,Corporations have taken control of our ruined planet. Some...

ADJUST Concept watch by Belgium Designer Nico NL1. Designer says "2111 A.D.,Corporations have taken control of our ruined planet. Some humans have found a way to escape their control. They communicate with a new language, based on triangles. ADJUST concept watch uses this language to tell time." The design of the watch is futuristic and minimal. The strap is made of 2 pieces of flexible plastic, molded to fake links. The outer part of the case is more rigid, its top is flat, with a cavity that hosts the display covers. The back is made of metal, contrasting with the plastic part and giving an illusion of thinness to the case.

The time is told with a combination of 32 LED-enlightened triangles, emulating classical digits. One side of each triangle is slightly more enlightened than the rest, thanks to the position of the diode inside it. It looks cryptic but is actually read as a regular digital watch, the hours are on top and the minutes below. When pressing the side button, the watch displays a short animation, tells the time, and stays on for a few seconds.

The screen is a removable cover, made of translucent, rigid plastic. There are four different covers, whose shapes make the watch looking strange and uncommon, even with the lights off. Between the cover and the triangle shaped boxes that contains the LEDs, is a place for color filters, allowing to change the display color(s) at leisure.

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