Biome Terrarium controlled by smartphone or iPad

the work of london-based designer samuel wilkinson , 'biome' is shown at Designboom which i...

the work of london-based designer samuel wilkinson, 'biome' is shown at Designboom which is a flora terrarium whose climate conditions, water level, and nutrients are controlled via an application for smartphones and iPads. low-energy lighting built into the top of the terrarium can replicate sunlight, while the temperature and other conditions are likewise viewable and manipulatable via the application. wilkinson likens the device to a 'live tamagotchi', reflecting: 'the idea promotes 'digital downtime' by finding an alternative use for smartphones and encouraging their owners to consider a slower life. the control and nurturing of a real mini eco-system takes patience and care, contrasting with the immediacy of messaging or tweeting that is so characteristic of the smartphone generation.'


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