Derezzed watch design with hexagonal matrix by Sam

Germany designer Sam published this watch design at tokyoflash . He says ”Derezzed” is the past tens...

Germany designer Sam published this watch design at tokyoflash. He says ”Derezzed” is the past tense of “derezz” which is a shortened form or “deresolute”. It means “disappear” or in terms of virtual media, “dissolve into pixels”. I had the idea, to let a watch derezz in the case area, revealing the time telling display.

The composition of case and display is made by hexagons. The LCD display itself is based upon an analog watch’s display with the twelve well known positions for hours and five-minute steps. A small hexagon shows the current hour. An additional one in clockwise direction is a PM indicator. A bigger hollow hexagon shows the current five minute step. Additional ones (four maximum) in clockwise direction have to be counted for additional minutes. I chose a glossy black material derezzing into a bright neon blue and framed everything with a matte metal.

This is a watch for hexagon fans, arts lowers, geometry geeks, sci-fi watchers, for everyone who loves it cryptic but not too complicated. The watch works with a simple geometrical effect to create an eyecatcher. The display isn’t seen as time telling at first glance but is pretty easy to read when one know’s how.


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