Nokia GEM Phone Turns entire phone to a touch screen

Nokia GEM discussed at Nokia conversation  which  was launched to celebrate 25 years of existence of the Nokia Research Center  and this dev...

Nokia GEM discussed at Nokia conversation which was launched to celebrate 25 years of existence of the Nokia Research Center and this device is all about the touchscreen it incorporates on its front, back and sides. The back is also interactive, so you can pinch to zoom from the rear, without cluttering the front screen. This function also comes in handy when using maps and probably games too, as proved by the Sony PS Vita. Specialty of the Nokia GEM is, it turns entire phone into a touch screen. Senior Design Manager Jarkko Saunamäki is the one who lead the team that created GEM and recently claimed that once you launch an app, for example the camera application, the entire phone will begin to look like a camera. Since the whole phone is touch screen, You can wrap the images around the entire screen of the phone. another cool feature of this is, you can carry advertising on the back of the handset when making calls, so they would get a discount on bills


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