Nov 23, 2011

31 Unusual Weird and Crazy bicycle designs

There are so many bike designs. Specially in this hi tech world, bikes are even improved with technical advances. So many designs and concepts are coming in. What about crazy bike designs. People making even weird and crazy bike designs. Lets see some of them.

Mini Bicycle (from 2001 mummers parade)[link]
Mini Bicycle II miniature bicycle with custom made handlebar grips and a seat. [link]
Shoe Bicycle Todd Kundla created a unique bicycle with tires made of tennis shoes. [link]
Shoe Bicycle II [link]
Handle-less Bicycle [link]
Shopping Card Bicycle [link]
Shopping Card Bicycle II [link]
Forkless Bicycle [link]
Tryon's Bicycle bicycle designed by E Tryon. [link]
Homemade Beach Bike [link]
Office Chair Bicycle [link]
Chair Bicycle II [link]
Sideways Bicycle [link]
Toilet Bicycle [link]
Wooden Bicycle [link]
High Heel Odd Bicycle [link]
Skeleton Bicycle [link]
Hyper Bicycle [link]
Tallest Bicycle [link]
4 in 1 Bicycle [link]
Motorcycle inspired Bicycle [link]
2 in 1 Bicycle [link]
Harley Style Bicycle [link]
Multi Angle Bicycle [link]
Mid Deck Bicycle [link]
The Tree Bicycle [link]
Square Front Wheel Bicycle [link]
Tanker Bicycle [link]
One Wheeled Bicycle [link]
wicker covered bicycle [link]
Three Seated Bicycle [link]

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