Box Vehicle Concept: Future shared transport

THE BOX vehicle concept designed by  Designers  Brooks & Bone  aimed to provide an inexpensive, ...

THE BOX vehicle concept designed by Designers Brooks & Bone aimed to provide an inexpensive, easy to maintain, ride-sharing solution in metropolitan areas. According to the designer, "Individual urban transport is currently anti-social and dirty, impeding our narrow roads with units of 2 ton lumps of metal often carrying one passenger. The human footprint has ever been so thoughtlessly large. The motivation behind the BOX project is that of seeking ways to create solutions to urban travel. 

Share car systems are begginning to utilize the car in a less wasteful, less self-indulgent and more egalitarian way. In our existence specially designed for inner city shared use." BOX is similar in size to a Smart Car and weighs only 750 pounds, but it can pack up to 4 people with all that extra room. It can even accommodate wheel-chair users who currently account for a large proportion of society that cannot utilize ride sharing.


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