Cubix Office Set helps to arrange your desk

Cubix Office Set designed by Designer  Alexander Zhukovski which is exclusively designed for SKB-Ko...

Cubix Office Set designed by Designer Alexander Zhukovski which is exclusively designed for SKB-Kontur. The idea of this Kubiksa creation is "organized chaos". The main component of Kubiksa - stand for pencils and pens - is composed of elastic rods in the form of extruded letters "K", which allows you to insert a pencil holders almost anything and at any angle, from pens and pencils of all sizes and thickness to the papers and stickers. "K", by the way - this is a brand name company, developed in the studio Art Lebedev , who was taken as the basis for the style of a future product. A set is a cube measuring 100h100h100 mm, consisting of four parts - pencil holders, cube stickers, a container for paper clips, buttons and other details and, in fact, own clips. Cubix has been designed to let you create a bit organized chaos in the boundaries of the set.


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