Hide and seat shower by Sarah Lloyd

Hide and seat shower designed by Sarah Lloyd . With wet storage and a seat on the inside of the show...

Hide and seat shower designed by Sarah Lloyd. With wet storage and a seat on the inside of the shower and dry storage on the outside, this is a practical and easy to use shower solution for all age groups. The controllers are located to the side of the seat for ease of reach. The over head shower can be diverted to the sitting or standing position. You also have the option to divide the water flow between the over head and hand shower for total body coverage. Eveything should be just where to need it. The storage for soaps and body cleaning products is drained and ventilated to reduce mold and bacterial growth in damp areas.

 There is space on the side to place bottles so not to disturb them when accessing the storage under the seat. The deep container is for larger bottles and the high shallow self is for those smaller objects. This helps keep belonging organized and kept close to hand, eliminating the need to rummage to find just what you were looking for. Hide and seat was launched at ISH 20011Bathroom fair, Frankfurt Messe and is for sale in EU.


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