O2 Box Medical Oxygen Generator by La Seconde d’Après

The O2 Box is designed by Designer  La Seconde d’Après which is a portable medical oxygen generator...

The O2 Box is designed by Designer La Seconde d’Après which is a portable medical oxygen generator allowing a precise control over the amount generated and the end of the reaction. Based on the fusion of sodium chlorate, which generates oxygen, this system uses a thin cartridge combined with an induction process offering a maximized contact zone for the thermal reaction, making it extremely reactive and precise. The oxygen generated is cooled by copper heat pipes dissipating the excess heat in an aluminum heat sink, and is supported by six 50 mm fans pushing in cool air and pulling out heated air from the dense heat sink. Its weight and size make it the most accurate portable solution for professionals and consumers in case of emergency. Its cartridge principle also make it more reliable than traditional oxygen bottles.


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