Wacom Sketcher concept of graphical tablet

Sketcher designed by designer Max Battaglia and shown at behance . Sketcher is a tablet especially ...

Sketcher designed by designer Max Battaglia and shown at behance. Sketcher is a tablet especially designed for illustrators and designers who are looking for the best drawing experience. Even though common tablets allow to use graphical softwares, they do not grant neither accuracy nor pressure levels sensitivity. Sketcher is based on Wacom know-how, who is the world leader in professional graphic devices. Thanks to its light weight Sketcher can be used everywhere as a real sketchpad, the 8 quick buttons can be programmed with the preferred functions, and the jogdial allow to turn or zoom the canvas without changing tablet position. Sketcher has a simmetrical design so it can be used also by lefthanded people. 5.0 Mpx rear camera can be used to acquire hand sketches done on paper, in this way they could be finalized digitally.
Technical specifications:
- 12" amoled multitouch screen with led backlighting
- 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
- dualcore cpu
- Android OS
- wi-fi
- 8 programmable buttons
- capacitive jogdial
- 2 standard usb ports
- 5.0 Mpx camera with led flash
- 1 wacom standard graphic pen
360x255x20 mm
650gr weight


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