Fang by Iris van Herpen and United Nude

United Nude in 2003 launched its Möbius shoe, which was a  successful product   ans an icon of  cla...

United Nude in 2003 launched its Möbius shoe, which was a successful product  ans an icon of  classic design. Founders Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark thus became the leaders in architectural heels, their current footwear collection extending over 50 highly conceptual models.,It has positioned itself at the intersection of design and fashion. Clarity, elegance and innovation being its hallmarks, the brand sells in over 40 countries with flagship stores in Amsterdam, London, New York and Shanghai. Here it comes the spring-summer collection of 2012. It has a variety of of shades and colors. Its light colors include white and beige. while the dabbling darker areas include ray-grey,brown, copper metal silver and aubergine. At the same time united nude, Iris ivan herpen also collaborated on this collection with designer stephen jones, artist Bart Hess, architect Isaie Bloch and graphic designer Tara Doughans. [Source]


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