Mach High Speed Luxury Bus by Abhi Muktheeswarar

MACH designed by designer  Abhi Muktheeswarar . This is  designed to fit the 21st century lifestyle....

MACH designed by designer Abhi Muktheeswarar. This is designed to fit the 21st century lifestyle. Mach high speed bus is very fast, more luxurious and more environment friendly than any other bus on planet earth. The bus is designed aerodynamically to reduce air drag coefficient, which enables the bus to reach high speeds effortlessly with less fuel consumption. The bus construction is based on monocoque carbon fibre chassis, which has more strength than steel & weighs less than aluminum.

MACH high speed bus is powered by hydrogen, which provide power to spin the electric motors mounted on each wheels. It has Active Push-rod Type Magneto-rheological Fluid Suspension System which provides a comfortable ride & good handling characteristics on any surface. As speed increases, safetydecreases. So this bus is provided with all the state of the art active & passive safety systems for a faster & safer journey. The reinvented Bus is ready. [Source]


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