Posé Mobile Phone Concept by Serguey Markov

This is a concept created by Serguey Markov after Apple revealed the first ipod shuffle (usb-stick...

This is a concept created by Serguey Markov after Apple revealed the first ipod shuffle (usb-stick). This concept uses keyboard tactile feedback and keyboard is the another light reflective display (technology similar to the e-ink, or maybe e-ink itself). There is a company named Immersion, they invented such things. But in Jul 2007 Nokia has licensed Immersion’ VibeTonz. The concept of device uses complete surface as the display, pretty contrast to read the e-books. Also, almost all surface is sensorial that means you can use and even reprogram all of it’s sides or corners to act as you wish. For an example, make the right side to act as the scroll wheel or the wacom’ touch strip. Moreover it could be some kind of “sensorial profiles” for applications.
The phone also could converted — you can rotate the display at 180° and to transform it to the vertical e-book reader or the horizontal music player. If so, the external display now acts as the three-button music player and you have the tactile feedback from the virtual buttons. 

Another funny things about this concept that you can catch from the illustrations:
• as i mentioned above — the fully customizable and adaptive keyboad based the on e-ink or similar technology;
• ability to use two sim-cards;
• normal headphones jack;
• standard usb-connector (optionally dock station because of useless position…);
• sensor scroll wheel (on the keyboard, under the main inner display).

Further, designer said "Now you shouldn’t worry about such things like memory, Wi-Fi support or OS. This is just a concept. Personally I think that OS should be linux-based, and also — very very open. This in idea — to make a very flexible device and allow user do anything: Wi-Fi setting in the command line, wrting shell-scripts, etc — things like OpenMoko do. Maybe Android should be winner, i don’t know."


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