Russian ballet dancers Inspired 'Giselle lounge table'

Giselle lounge table designed by Anna Neklesa . Low lounge table "Giselle" was inspired by...

Giselle lounge table designed by Anna Neklesa. Low lounge table "Giselle" was inspired by Russian ballet dancers. Top is made of sheet steel or aluminum, legs of painted wood. It has only two legs but it is stable and steady. You can put napkins or something else into slots while eating a cake with coffee. Nothing expresses the Russian spirit like this formof art. For several centuries, fragile and pretty ballerinas with a strong andpassionate character, excite the minds of the intelligents all over the world. The steel rod with threaded ends connects the tabletop and the legs to easily change the height of the table. Made in a form of semicircle, it provides additional strength and steady.


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