RT 112 Emergency Vehicle

RT 112 is designed by  Tomasz Siemek  to provide help in every part of the world where access is dif...

RT 112 is designed by Tomasz Siemek to provide help in every part of the world where access is difficult and time plays an important role especially during the rescue operations. One of the most important materials used to inner shell of the vehicle is Makrolon poly carbonate which is opening completely new styling options. This material allowed to create seamless skin combining metal shell and window functions. Some parts of the vehicle includes an extra layer of special foil to get visibility only from the interior at the same time blocking heat carried by light. The car is equipped with air suspension which helps to make significance change in its height. Front and back light with three levels of intensity and roof telescopic light tower lighting a large area around the parked vehicle. RT 112 is equipped with electric motors and water tanks. Whole back section is editable, which means that it could be use to vary types of actions anywhere in the world.


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