SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle

SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle comes from  Focus Designs .  Riding unicycle can be a bit challenging...

SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle comes from Focus Designs. Riding unicycle can be a bit challenging since we are not circus performers. You need around 20-30 minutes to learn riding this bike but once you master it, the company promises that riding SBU V3 will be as easy as walking. This unicycle is equipped with Turn Assist and Smart Sense technology where it actively learns about your motions and performs unique calculations to ensure your safety every second you ride. The main key is its sensors, the multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros offer you a great ride like no other. Each of this unicycle is crafted from 6061 alloy by hand.

Since SBU V3 Self-Balancing unicycle has no handlebars or steering wheel, you need to control this vehicle with natural leaning motions, just like segway, lean forward to go and lean back to slow down or stop, totally hands-free. It’s green and clean, you can use SBU V3 Self-Balancing unicycle for daily commute, it fits perfectly almost anywhere, on bus, train or subway, in fact, you can easily insert this unicycle under your desk at work. [Source]


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