VOLTA Solar Charger for Outdoor Adventurer

VOLTA Solar Charger is designed by  Colin Murphy . Since this Solar charger is relatively big,  design features a handle, making it easy to ...

VOLTA Solar Charger is designed by Colin Murphy. Since this Solar charger is relatively big, design features a handle, making it easy to carry. When you love the great outdoor lifestyle but don’t want to lose the luxury of being connected to outside world 24 hours a day, then Volta is your great companion. It can be used as solar charging hub to charge all your gadgets and devices such as laptops, cell phones, cameras and many more. Volta features 2 standard AC/DC plugs, mini USB, charging ports for Apple’s products. Volta Solar Charger is pretty lightweight to carry everywhere. 

The solar panels fold out from its main body and can be adjusted to the right angle to get the most energy from the sun. This unique variable angle collection mechanism increases productivity by up to 30%. A great thing about Volta, it has removable battery backup that you can keep for days when there’s not enough sun for thesolar panels to collect energy. Volta Solar Charger is ready for your adventures. [Source]


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