Wrenz Speakers by Gavio

These Wrenz Speakers by Gavio . These new Wrenz speakers let us “Take flight to a new dimension in s...

These Wrenz Speakers by Gavio. These new Wrenz speakers let us “Take flight to a new dimension in sound”. Wrenz portrays nature at its finest at the palm of your hand. This finely crafted work of art inspires modern living with its timeless, smooth flowing design. Modest in size, Wrenz is fully capable of delivering powerful and high-quality rich sound. Connect them together, a symphony is made.The Wrenz's stunning mirror finish on its sexy design contours creates a visually stunning effect. Stunning design with stunning audio capabilities. All key items are hidden away. The LED indicator will glow at the top, behind the speaker mesh when switched on. All connection ports are hidden away behind the tail cover and is easily accessible when needed.
Technical Details:

  • Speaker Drivers : 32mm
  • Total RMS Power : 2W
  • Frequency Response : 180Hz~20KHz
  • Li-ion Battery Voltage : 3.7V
  • Li-ion Battery Capacity : 300mAh
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 85dB


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