X2 Concept Car can rotate 360-degree in just one area

X2 concept car is designed by  a  Korean industrial designer   Yeon-woo Seong, with 4 years experien...

X2 concept car is designed by Korean industrial designer Yeon-woo Seong, with 4 years experience in automotive industry. According to Tuvie "This car has been designed with symmetric structure to offer some advantages especially when you are trapped in traffic congestion. Due to symmetric front and rear structure, it is possible for the driver to drive in any direction, anytime. X2 concept car has been visualized for Shanghai in the future where due to its population growth that affects the traffic growth as well. Parking space will become limited and we have to think creatively to manipulate any available space to accommodate more cars. Therefore, the wheels are designed to enable X2 to rotate 360-degree in just one area. Inspired by 1958 Zundapp Janus, this electric car has been designed with 2 driver’s seat, front and rear, it allows the driver to run this car in any wanted direction. It feels like having 2 cars." [Source: Tuvie]


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