Brayton 6 Futuristic Bike Concept

The Brayton 6 concept bike Designed by Colby Higgins  designed from the inside out in order to creat...

The Brayton 6 concept bike Designed by Colby Higgins designed from the inside out in order to create a true high-performance machine. The power-to-weight ratio was a critical influence on the design, as you see the bike was built around a combustion “bladder”. The engine bladders are lightweight carbon nano tube cylinders. Each one acts individually like a 2-stroke engine to pull the camshaft and create linear motion. Timing and fuel regulation are controlled by a micro controller. So, the benefits of utilizing the combustion bladder engine include weight reduction and ease of maintenance. The engine itself is fueled by natural gas stored in the bottom tank.

The frame structure allows the rider to shift his riding position and ride height at the push of a button. Air-muscles provide fast and precise adjustment of the seat and front suspension parallelogram. The engine’s “bladders” sit in the center of the frame structure, braced by integral fairings that hold the spine of the frame together from the head-tube to the rear linkage. Massive brakes and oversizedwheel bearings add the overall performance of the Brayton 6 Concept Bike.

Both the form and function of the Brayton 6 Concept Bike is an attempt to create a feeling of being one with the bike. The low-slung seat places the rider low to the ground and sitting “in” the bike. The engine bladders beat like a heart, making the bike appear as though it is living with the rider. This combination of man and machine is designed to invoke a truly unique emotion. [Complete Source]


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