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Indiana, America based small motorcycle workshop creates these beautiful Janus Motorcycles . Their...

Indiana, America based small motorcycle workshop creates these beautiful Janus Motorcycles. Their goal is to produce a line of simple, stylish, easy-to-ride and light-weight, fuel effective motorcycles for those who love the freedom, joy, and mobility that a motorcycle allows, appeal to a new generation of male and female riders. These Motorcycles comes with with a 49cc engine, capable of 55mph cruising and 60+ MPG. Every bike comes with both kick and electric start, as well as an oil injection system.

They design and build everything by hand in and around their home-town of Goshen, Indiana, including the frame, fuel tank, exhaust system, leather seat and saddlebags, handlebars, pin-striping, wiring harness, and all the additional elements that make up the complete motorcycle. They use rims and brakes manufactured to their specifications, EBR hydraulic forks, and a great Spanish-designed 2-stroke motor. The highly upgradable engine is a water-cooled 6-speed unit based on the Derbi Senda that produces about 10 hp in stock form. Turn indicators, high and low beam, speedometer, mirrors, and a top speed of 55mph insure safe operation on all but limited access highways. 
These are a federally licensed vehicle manufacturer and each of our bikes comes with a VIN number and is titled and road-legal. Although the stock Halcyon is 50cc it does require a motorcycle permit and registration in most states, as it uses a manual transmission and exceeds the horse power output for a regular 50cc mo-ped or scooter.

Source: Thecoolist50built.


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