Creative Dining Table 'NewTown'

Creative Dining Table 'NewTown' is by Boca Do Lobo . They are working hard on new challeng...

Creative Dining Table 'NewTown' is by Boca Do Lobo. They are working hard on new challenges for artisans and designers, new techniques, materials and concepts are still being tested and in the light of that they have designed Newton which is truly moment of inspiration, a table completed byspheres and semi spheres that joined together complete this dining table with this exquisite look. Inspired in Newton’s law of gravity, designer was looking for an object capable to reflect the sphere attraction as they were joined with their mass, force and energy. This table is ideal for 8 to 10 persons who will be amazed when gracing this masterpiece at your home. This table has three different versions that can be seen by looking at the images below.


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