Loser Motorcycle Build From Scratch

This award winning 'Loser' motorcycle is by El Solitario , created for the Metamorfosis Mas...

This award winning 'Loser' motorcycle is by El Solitario, created for the Metamorfosis Masiva, a Spanish garage builders’ contest. To comply with the contest rules, they designed SR250 type and spent only €1,000 on parts. There was no time limit though, so Borras and his crew made it in over 500 hours. It has only 3-liter fuel capacity that probably not a long distance. Vintage bicycle handlebars are made with Wilson perforated leather grips. Custom fabricated parts include the stainless steel fuel tank fitted with a brass petcock and cap plus the exhaust system and a 50-tooth rear sprocket. There’s no battery, with juice coming from a 68k uF capacitor, and the kickstart is from a 1983 Yamaha XT250. The headlight and Smiths tachometer are vintage finds, and the rear light is from an old Bultaco. [Via Bikeexif & Thecoolist]


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