Mercedes Benz The Least Common Denominator

Mercedes Benz The Least Common Denominator is designed by Oliver Elst . According to the designer, ...

Mercedes Benz The Least Common Denominator is designed by Oliver Elst. According to the designer, This project aims at finding a common denominator out of simplicity and lightness and put it into a creative approach, which as a result does not only include a new way visual appearance, but furthermore charts a sophisticated path forward technologically. The common denominator is reducing, it appears in the aesthetics of the surface, plus in the implied light-weight structure using materials like carbon fiber. This is why the Oliver wanted to create a new material, which on one hand epitomizes material light weight, but on the other hand optical light-weight as well. This innovative thinking is represented by a reinterpretation of a sandwich material, which is not used in the usual planar way, but is highlighted in each sandwich layer which creates the whole car-body. In the course of reduction the lightweight filling layer is built up by only one geometrical base body. The ball. In the Exterieur this lightweight- structure is used for cooling and lightning. This project is awarded with a special price of the Lucky Strike Junior Design Award in 2012 with an appreciation of the jury president.


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