Sculptural Schproket Lighting System

This creative sculptural Schproket Lighting System by Christopher Moulder . The structure and gear ...

This creative sculptural Schproket Lighting System by Christopher Moulder. The structure and gear shape of Schprokets is the result of engineering a mechanism which acts as a low voltage, safe socket to produce crisp rings of incandescent light points. Schprokets are lit with high efficiency Xenon long life bulbs. They can be hung from the ceiling, horizontally or angled, singly or in stacks, in 24", 36" and 47" rings. Mounted directly onto the wall or ceiling in 11", 15", 24" and 36" rings. Available in Silver Metallic, Torch Red, and White colors.

Seven Schprokets descending in size are hung to create Moulder's chandelier, CLASSIC. 263 crisp light points cascade down over 10 feet to meet a delicate, hand-lampworked, glass tear, that plumbs the Schproket rings with a poignant gravity and anchors the lighting sculpture in the space it inhabits.

"I wanted to create a piece with no wires or sockets, so I started experimenting with low voltage bulbs,"Christopher Moulder says. "Low voltage means the fixture doesn't have to be insulated. Instead, the Schproket is the socket."


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