V-Tent Solar Car Charging System

V-Tent is designed by design nobis . This is an eco-friendly parking system that protects and charg...

V-Tent is designed by design nobis. This is an eco-friendly parking system that protects and charges vehicles. It is a collapsible canopy that can be used in both personal and public parking areas. Aiming to create a sustainable system for urban environment, V-Tent offers a safe space for electric cars either at home or in city. Functioning as a canopy that prevents weather side-effects such as sun heat or snow, design protects vehicles physically from environmental conditions. Simply charges your electric car while parking.

 Green light indicates that the parking space is available and the red light indicates it is occupied.
 After parking the car, the solar panel will cover the car and start charging. 
 While charging, the light will be red and after fully charged, light will turn into green.
 Pay and go.


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