Feb 19, 2013

World's Lightest Electric Skateboard

Boosted Boards is the world's lightest electric vehicle designed by boostedboards. This electric skate board has a stunning power of 2000 watts (2.6 horsepower) on a 12 lb which can generate a top speed around 20mph. Light weight only between 12 and 15 pounds and travels up to 6 miles. Regenerative braking system helps you travel safe. It is also easy to learn, easy to maneuver, and easy to control your speed, all while recharging the battery. Lithium batteries used which can handle extremely fast charging, going from empty to full in less than two hours. Start with a handheld remote with throttle and braking control and a battery gauge readout. To charge it, simply plug in the included charger just like a laptop, phone, or any other device. If you run out of charge, or you just feel like pushing, go for it - it still rolls like a normal longboard.

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