Apr 14, 2013

Conran Re-imagined Camera Concept

British design firm Conran re-imagined the digital camera with some of the joys of the analogue age. Basically design is a square in bold blue, with two rings at the front for the imaging sensors and a ring flash. The Conran camera transmits images via Bluetooth with the touch of a button – or you can recapture the delight of a film camera by not looking. From a control perspective, the Conran camera combines instant-on, automatic shooting with a full set of manual controls. 

Instead of being buried in fiddly, screen-based menus, all of the controls are physical: grooves, knurls and ridges allow the user to change settings without looking. Image quality was another important focus. The camera sensors surround the central aperture in an array, allowing the camera to resolve images with incredible clarity – and a ring flash allows even lighting of close up subjects.

[Source: BBC, yankodesign]

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