MI’RAJ - Prishtina Central Mosque

MI’RAJ is a proposal for Prishtina central Mosque by Aptum Architecture . MI’RAJ is one of two part...

MI’RAJ is a proposal for Prishtina central Mosque by Aptum Architecture. MI’RAJ is one of two parts of the night ascension journey that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took in one night. It has been described as both a physical and spiritual journey. The proposal, MI’RAJ, is about a journey of ascension to prayer and the spatial experience that evolves. That stair culminates in an open, round plaza where one can either wait, sit, and relax or proceed to the entry of the Masjid. The plaza can be used for gathering, enjoying the weather, or just contemplating alone. There is a fountain in the middle to wash or cool off. 
Men proceed on the main level, up a steady ramp to the prayer hall. The women wind their way up one or two flights of stairs to the women’s balconies. Everyone emerges into the prayer hall through a series of fan-like arches. After one finishes their prayer, they proceed back through the ablution space, down the ramp or stair, and reemerge back to the community plaza to relax, hang out and enjoy the experience with friends and family.


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