Adobe Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler

Adobe XD team revealed ' Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler ' at Adobe MAX 2013. The team has be...

Adobe XD team revealed 'Mighty Pen and Napoleon Ruler' at Adobe MAX 2013. The team has been exploring how new form factor displays, new interactions (like touch and gesture), cloud connections and even new hardware might change how you all create and in turn how it might impact what software they need to build. This is a pair of tablet-minded input devices that recall the tactile sensibility of pen on paper which was long worked by specialists. With tablets, Adobe Mighty Pen works with a software application to create a virtual sketchbook, allowing its user to draw, write or doodle on endless sheets of organized paper. The software appears similar to the Paper iPad App, but the stylus is much more advanced than a finger on the display.

[via - thecoolist]


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