Creative 'Colonna' Furniture Collection

Studio 65 added the 'Colonna' lounge  furniture  to the Gufram collections which looks like...

Studio 65 added the 'Colonna' lounge furniture to the Gufram collections which looks like the Majestic Greek column falls down and breaks into several pieces. Colonna seems like an archaeological finds that can be used as single elements or by combining one with the other. This architectural archetype, produced in polyurethane, becomes in this way a series of objects of industrial design of smooth texture and cosy ergonomics. The Ionic volute, which is the upper part of the column and was not by chance called Capitello, becomes a luxurious chaise longue.

The transversal section is called Attica, and is the cheeky seat with a dotted black and white cushion. The section at the base, of cylindrical tapered shape, is the table Attica TL, with a bifacial glass surface, opaque on one side and mirror shiny on the other. If then, in an attempt towards auto ironic auto-celebration, you wish to showcase an archaeological find of design in your home, you can stack them back one on the other and in this way recompose the entire Column in its monumental and playful daring.


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