Melon - A Headband that Measures Your Focus

There is a new kickstarter project launched called ' Melon ' which is a headband and a mob...

There is a new kickstarter project launched called 'Melon' which is a headband and a mobile app together tracks and measures the level of your focus in relation to your activity, your environment, your emotions, and any other behavior, right on your mobile screen. With 96% accuracy, Gain insight into how your mind works by tracking your focus during any activity you choose. Melon allows you to check the invisible activity of your brain and helps you understand the way it works, improvement and meditation suggestions and finds a new way to be creative.

Melon headband was built to be worn while engaging in a variety of activities; from working, to studying, playing sports, dancing, practicing an instrument, programming, painting, or doing yoga. While providing personalized tips, Melon has also got games to challenge yourself and achieve longer periods of focus.

The Melon headband is also addressed as a wireless brain-sensing device since it uses EEG (electroencephalography) to measure your brain activity. From this activity, our algorithms detect your focus, and we use that data to give you personalized feedback on how to improve.


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