Strollon Baby Trolley concept

Designer Amir Labidi designed the "Strollon Baby Trolley concept" to create a pleasant s...

Designer Amir Labidi designed the "Strollon Baby Trolley concept" to create a pleasant space for babies, kind of a small car, allows to the baby to have a perfect vision for the environment that surrounds. Strollon gives an innovative visual for the urban life, and enters the gait of the majors design innovation. It's a futuristic baby stroller insprired from the imaginary world of children. Stroller contains visually the same exterior items of a car, windscreen,lateral windows , removable door. It's a ABS body with PMMA glass to make a kind of a little car for baby and allow for the baby a best view of the environment. It can be full covered when it's rainy or cabriolet when it's sunny. The body can be portable and possibility to open and close windows.

[Via - Yankodesign]


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