Mission RS Motorcycle

Introducing the  Mission RS Motorcycle is a one of the most advanced, innovative, and highest perf...

Introducing the Mission RS Motorcycle is a one of the most advanced, innovative, and highest performing street-legal production electric motorcycle in the world. Mission RS isaccelerating to 60mph in less than 3 seconds. From there, it climbs to a top end of 150 mph and can keep on cruising for up to 140 miles per charge on a less-aggressive average speed. At the heart of the Mission RS is a 120 kW (160 hp) electric motor integrated with proprietary Mission Motorcycles InfiniteDrive which offers unprecedented levels of control and performance. Production of the Mission RS is limited to 40 editions.
MissionOS is the revolution in motorcycle user interfaces which delivers a complimentary cellular-data enabled, high resolution, pressure-sensitive touch screen based UI. The fully digital instrument cluster supports integrated GPS, Bluetooth, an integrated image-stabilized HD camera, and head-up display (HUD) integration. Seamlessly integrating turn-by-turn navigation, communications, controls, track mode, and ride telemetry data, MissionOS rewrites the current expectations of motorcycle and rider interaction. [via: thecoolist]


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