XCAV - Intelligent Street Sweeper

X-CAV is a multifunctional street sweeper designed by  Carlos Schreib .  X-CAV has t he ability to ...

X-CAV is a multifunctional street sweeper designed by Carlos SchreibX-CAV has the ability to adapt itself and able to cover all street widths. The undercarriage is located parallel to the cleaning unit and can be extended from 140 cm to 300 cm. The combination of horizontally and vertically rotating brushes ensures an optimal cleaning coverage at the curbstone in addition to the brushes under the sweeper itself. It has an extendable arm that works like a vacuum cleaner is located at the left side of the sweeper. The cabin itself is rotatable which ensures that the driver can use the extendable arm to precisely clean complicated, narrow areas such as places under benches and between parked bicycles and cars. On the sweeper´s right side is a storage compartment for additional cleaning equipment. To ensure an easy access the door slides upwards using the aluminium frames around the cabin as a support. 

      [Via: yankodesign]


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