Planters - Helps to Nourish Plants Over Time

San Francisco-based Maria Bujalska 's experiment on natural materials and design process broug...

San Francisco-based Maria Bujalska's experiment on natural materials and design process brought us the 'Planters'. The plants placed inside the planters have the opportunity to grow roots into the felted fibers. The plants feed themselves with the slowly dissolving fertilizer that is released from the crystals with each watering. In the end, the plant and the planters become one, inseparable, constantly growing system. In this system, the living plant becomes an integral part of the object. The planter functions only as long as a plant lives inside it and it is devoted to this one organism for which it provides an environment to grow. Each element: felt, crystals and plant, is intricately tied together and continues adapting to each other over time. 

     [Via: designboom]


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