Tuls - Credit Card Sized Multi-Tools

It's easy to design a compact tool to be too small or too thin, compromising each function too...

It's easy to design a compact tool to be too small or too thin, compromising each function too much in the process. What we really need is better balance between usability, material, size and design. Tuls is a collection of compact, well-designed, card-sized tools created to solve a range of everyday problems, bundled in functionally complimentary sets, flat enough to ride on your keychain or in your wallet/purse. Tuls are laser cut from 18 gauge stainless steel or titanium, about as thick and rigid as a US dime; tough, durable and built to last. Order Here.

Meet Stan - designed to solve a variety mobile device problems, such as managing earphones & cables, standing a 10 mm thick phone vertical for music, movies or conference calls, horizontally for reading, playing games or charging, providing an stand to take a photo, video or simply to display your alarm vertically at night.

Tighten a bolt with an expanded collection of common metric and standard wrenches, straighten a rim with the spoke wrench, hold a 1/8" hex bit,  turn an idle screw on a carburetor, pry open a paint can or open a bottle to celebrate a job well done. For bikes, cars and all manner of machines, Lucy is designed to be garage and road-ready.

Roul is world-ready with both metric and standard scales, a square that can also find any angle with the on-board protractor, a perfect plum bob, a dual standard gauge for sizing up dowels, rod stock, wire, drill bits or bolts.

Opie is prefect companion tool to any member of the family. In the Tuls family, Opie is an experiment in offering a popular, single function tools along with other multi function tools.


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