Acton M Scooter

The Action M Scooter is a compact, foldable, 3-wheeled  electric  scooter project launched at kic...

The Action M Scooter is a compact, foldable, 3-wheeled electric scooter project launched at kickstarter for crowd funding. M Scooter is a scooter that you can easily ride sitting or standing by just unfolding the patent pending magic seat; in fact, the entire scooter is super foldable. When folded, it reduces to less than 50% of its volume. Because the M Scooter can be folded into such a compact, space saving framework, it can fit into the back of a SUV/truck, an RV, or even a car’s trunk, and when the driver parks, they can use the M Scooter to reach their final destination. Scooter is 70lbs weight which can carry maximum of 300lbs. With 2 hours of fast charging or 4 hours of normal charging, it can run up to 15 miles, 12 miles/hour.


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