V12 Formula One Engine Espresso Machine

Espresso Veloce 's 'V12' espresso machine takes references from undoubtedly the most b...

Espresso Veloce's 'V12' espresso machine takes references from undoubtedly the most beautifully-engineered, well-balanced world class Grand Prix engine of 1990s, producing massive amounts of torque and smooth power delivery though out its rev range. This 'engine inspired' Espresso Machine delivers Italian style coffee out of one of its six titanium exhaust pipes. Engineered with alloys like magnesium, titanium and aluminum used in motors raced by the likes of senna and Schumacher the sleek metallic machines appropriate the imagery and style of the powerhouse turbine while maintaining easy operation. Unexpected design inclusions to the brew maker include a an ‘oil reservoir’ at the top of the engine block a tank which can be filled with supplementary liquors like grappa. by pressing a mechanical volumetric doser button, the alcholic additions are automatically pumped through the piping system and into the cup. 

       [Via - Designboom]


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