UFOgel - Holiday House in Austria

The ‘ UFOgel ‘ holiday house was build by Urlaubs Architektur , next to an old farmhouse near Vien...

The ‘UFOgel‘ holiday house was build by Urlaubs Architektur, next to an old farmhouse near Vienna, Austria. Completely made of wood and supported by steel, simply looks like an object is just landed or placed on site. The exterior is clad in traditional wooden shingles like scales on the polygonal volume. The interior responds with a seamless warm timber ambiance and angular geometries that serve more than one efficient purpose in the modestly sized abode of 45 m2. There’s a kitchen and dining area, with a chill out nook above. Up the stairs you’ll find the master bedroom, and a secondary sleeping space that’s partitioned off from the main bedroom. The bathroom is small, but functional with a shower, toilet and a large bathroom sink. 

       [Via - humble-homes & designboom]


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