Goat Story Coffee Mug

Goat Story coffee mug  by Desnahemisfera  is practical and sustainable, but is also a fashion acce...

Goat Story coffee mug by Desnahemisfera is practical and sustainable, but is also a fashion accessory that will be able to stand on your office desk and it will be at a hand´s reach all the time. Just take the handle off, turn it around, place the mug in it. Voila! The ergonomic shape will help you drink your coffee. If you are interested in supporting this project, you can see the Kickstarter campaign – here.
The most obvious feature is definitely its shape which resembles the goat´s horns but it also helps you drink that last sip of your coffee.

It comes with a special holder with leather touch which simply turns into a coffee mug stand so you can easily keep the Goat mug on your desk. And the two straps allows you to carry it anywhere you want.


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