Traditional Compact Karst House

Compact Karst House is designed by  Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti , located in Slovenia and it represents a modern take on a traditional cott...

Compact Karst House is designed by Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti, located in Slovenia and it represents a modern take on a traditional cottage. This small compact stony house corresponding to the needs of the young family and current technological principles. The design of the house addresses the relationship between contemporary and tradition.

Ground floor operates mostly as public or semi-public space with multiple grand landscape views as on the other hand the upper floor stands very private with sky views only.
The house has tree large square windows which open views towards hilltop church in Italy to the west, forest to the south and entrance platform to the east.
The space is divided with two inserted wooden volumes which in ground floor contain kitchen with dining or bathroom and in the upper floor master bedroom and children’s room.

The redefinition of traditional stony Karst roof, with its texture, colour, material and its steep inclination is executed as contemporary concrete interpretation with intense technological ingenuity.


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