The Vipp Modern Steel Shelter

The Vipp Shelter is designed by Danish design company Vipp , located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This ...

The Vipp Shelter is designed by Danish design company Vipp, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This 55 square meter modern steel shelter has born in a rugged landscape framed by naked trees and a silent lake that mirrors in the sky frame window facade.
A shelter in its original sense has connotations of basic living serving a merely functional purpose and attending to our primal need of having a roof over our head.

4 sleeping guests can stay in the shelter at the same time: 1 main bed for 2 persons in the bed loft, and 2 additional persons on the day bed on the lower level.
The simple steel grid structurally supports the two level space, where only the bathroom and bed loft is shielded from the main living space. This transparent vacation house has almost everything you need; the hooks, the ladder, kitchen, the daybed, the lamps, the shelves, the towels, the toilet brush…and the list continues.

The Vipp shelter is costing around €485,000 / $585,000 which will take about 6 months of time to build.

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