Coolest sandwich art collection!

These are cool sandwich art collection i found at  webdesignerdepot . We have already seen our c...

These are cool sandwich art collection i found at webdesignerdepot. We have already seen our coolest collection of teapodsThrough WDD we love to show you how you can use your design skills to be creative in all aspects of your life, not only when sitting at your computer.

Everywhere you look, you can find people in many different fields using their design talents, even in the food industry.
In this post, we’ve selected some amazing examples ofcreative sandwich art. Some are really fun (and look delicious too), so we’re sure that this collection will help feed your imagination by getting your creative (digestive?) juices flowing.
As usual, we’d love to see examples of your own creations or other great examples that you may have found on the web. 

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