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This Underwater Restaurant will allow you to enjoy Seafood while exploring the underwater view

Snøhetta Norwegian architect bureau has designed an underwater restaurant in Southernmost part of Norway to share the beauty of their coas...

Mazda Vision Coupe is the King at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo Motor show is definitely the best place where the world class 'the bests' unveiled. This time Mazda vision coupe is the '...

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket is a Necessary Tool that Everyone Should have

We all know why we need a blanket for hiking, picnics, beaches, concerts, festivals, naps, tanning, reading in the park, etc. But is it po...

Every Parent should keep this Thermometer Capsule in their Purse

DolPhin Smart Mini Infrared Thermometer is 5cm long, 13g weight and 1.5 cm width, being a tiniest tool this thermometer is really a ligh...

This Kitchen Multi-Tool is a Cool Gadget that Everyone Should own One of These

We often can see messy kitchens where we cant find certain tools when we need the most. We spend most of our valuable time searching fo...

Gulas PI1S Human Powered Electric Motorcycle

German based craftsmen have introduced a bicycle which can be paddled.  Not just for the purpose of exercise, this beautiful bike comes wit...

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