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Toyota's conceptual hyper car Gr Super sports

Built with the purpose of competing in the World Endurance Championship, The Toyota's GR super sports concept car's design is excl...

The Fordypningsrommet is your next holiday destination

Situated on the Isle of Fleinvær outside Bodø, In the northernmost parts of Norway, is a beautiful cluster of mono functional cabins. Wher...

The custom K-Speed super power cub gains more popularity than the original

On the occassion of celebrating its 100th super cub being rolled out. The Honda is preparing to launch new 2018 Super Cub with a custom ve...

Blue freedom - A quick and effective power solution

The Blue Freedom is a compact hydrodynamic turbine with an integrated power plant. measuring 7.87 x 2.16 inches and weighs under a pound. ...

Wear your favorite sneakers without fear, with Rain Socks

It's very stressful not being able to wear your favorite sneakers because of its raining outside. The Japanese brand ONFAdd has found ...

Artist Shibu creates minimalist logos by merging two elements

India based artist Shibu PG has come up with a unique technique to design logos that a minimalistic and meaningful at the same time. ...

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