Oct 31, 2014

Millennial Horror Story

What happened to our generation? Why are we so addicted to the technology, social media and gadgets? Why do we like to live in a vertual world instead of a real one? "Millennial Horror Story" video explains that the only fate worse than death is no cell service.

5 Years Of America's Most Popular Costumes

Halloween become world's most popular celebration irrespective of country, religion and the culture. A interactive chart from NPR's Planet Money tracks the relative popularity of different American Hallowe'en costumes over the past five years. 
[Via - likecoolboingboing]

Oct 30, 2014

Get a Special Look at Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

Your favorite Avengers! "See the Avengers try to prove their worth in a new special look for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," and see it in theaters May 1, 2015!"

Trion Nemesis SuperCar

The Trion Nemesis is Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in America, developed an advanced ultra-luxury, high performance line of vehicles designed around the driver. The Trion Nemesis is powered by an impressive 9.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine with 2000h, from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds, and a top speed of 270mph. The Nemesis cabin offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology with reduced volumes to optimize the space. Digital flat panel controls provide access to the latest internet crazes while masking the core function of vehicle programming. 

Oct 29, 2014

Belt scooter

Hungary based designer Ádám Török has designed the 'Belt Scooter' as his graduation project. "Both personal and public transportation are having drawbacks. The most efficient vehicle that bridges this in the shortest time is those powered by leg power, whose need for specific pathways is a must in every developing city. There is one thing even more important, and that is storage. A vast range of methods has been developed in recent in years but these will all become obsolete if the vehicle is developed that is entirely portable, even wearable as part of our clothing."

Oct 28, 2014

Professional Halloween Zombie Costume

Today we have found a professional zombie costume for next Halloween. "Zombie Walkers have risen from the dead to prey upon the living. Their rotting flesh and frightful faces offer a glimpse of what awaits you if you become their victim. Our Zombie Walker Studio Costume comes with Studio Quality Chest with Mask Attached and Studio Zombie Hands. All Hand Painted and Hand Haired. Ultra Realistic and Gory! Shirt not included." [Buy]

The Vipp Miniature Bin

The Vipp Miniature Bin is one fifth of the original bin size, this little Vipp is fully functional and ideal to manage cotton swabs in your bathroom or pens, pencils, and other work accessories while adding a sharp focal point to your desk. This classic design gets inspiration from 1930s design of Holger Nielsen. [Buy

Oct 27, 2014

Egg-o-matic Skull Egg Mold

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which gives you energy to approach the day. If you want to add creativity to your breakfast, get a head with your breakfast with this Egg-a-Matic Boiled Egg mold. Basically you boil a large egg, peel it, squash it into the mold, cool it, and voila. One grinning skull, ready to be chomped. You can also make them in the evening; grab them out of the fridge and eat them in the morning. Or stick them in someone's bento box lunch for a surprise! [Buy]

The Floyd - Shelf from Any Flat Surface

The Floyd Shelf is a tool that allows you create a your own shelf from any flat surface by installing the brackets & clamping to the material. Installing Floyd is so much easier than actually designing and building out legs because all you needed was the table top or any strong flat surface. Works with materials up to 1 5/8" (4 cm) thick and are available in powder-coated red, white or black and have a little vertical lip on the inside of each side that doubles as a bookend. The only thing you have to do is to find the proper wood or any flat surface that fits to your requirement. [Buy]

Oct 26, 2014

Ollie - The App-Controlled Robot

Meet Ollie - the app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline. Launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds. Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then switch up your ride with custom tires and hubcaps. Ollie is engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and customized by you. It's time to upgrade your play. Comes with Drift Wheels, Blue Nubby Tires, Prime Hubs, Quick Start Guide, USB Charging Cord. [Buy]