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Apr 16, 2014
Herb Keeper Mill

Herb Keeper Mill keeps your herbs fresh in the freezer and ready to use anytime you need them. The container-mill design incorporates blades at the bottom that mill your herbs into small pieces for your meal. When done, just store back into freezer. [Buy]

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Apr 15, 2014
Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker

The Boom Boom is a unique and simple wireless smart speaker, combines the elements of nature and friendliness. "Boom Boom builds a deeper bond with people by speaking in several languages in a warm and human way, a feature which resonates perfectly with a designer who has always blended design with magic. "An object has never communicated so well before! ", laughs Mathieu. By introducing friendliness and a sense of comfort to a great portable sound experience, Mathieu Lehanneur and Binauric have taken a bold leap towards integrating smart technology with human design. Lastly, inspired by the flow and growth in nature, Boom Boom is prepared for a series of thoughtful additions and functionalities that will further enhance this little unit as time goes on. Time will not stand still for such an interactive acoustical piece of design."

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Apr 14, 2014
Hang Tag - Soapy Clothing Tag

Every piece of clothing need a tag to match them and each of them consumes a lot of wood to manufacture them. The 'Hang Tag' is mainly composed of laundry soap and laundry detergent, it is flexional and dissolved, the string is water soluble too. We can take cloth to the laundry straight from the store which is convenient for many of us. The tag dissolves in to liquid detergent, which is used to eliminate residual chemicals in the clothing and eliminate the potential harm to consumer skin health. Hang Tag is a 2014 iF Design – Concept Design entry. 

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Apr 13, 2014
Electric Motorcycle Johammer J1

What you see here is the 'Johammer J1', one of unique electric motorcycle by Austrian designer Johann Hammerschmid and his small team of experts. If you compare the Johammer J1 with any other motorcycles, it cane be compared to nothing else on the street. It has got number of features that differentiates from other bike designs, including the electric motor being integrated into the rear wheel, a front wheel that uses hub-center steering and a double wishbone style front suspension mechanism, and side mirrors that offer a high-resolution display showing speed, range and other vital bits of data. The Johammer J1 is available in two versions, $31,000 or $34,500, depending on the size battery pack you opt for. [Buy

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Apr 7, 2014
Creative Grass Printer

There are so many lawn mowers in the market with tons of features. What is the basic and ultimate usage? What is the next level? lets decorate the grass with "Grass Printer which provides a way for people to decorate their lawn with creative cutting. Graphics can be cut into the grass based on an image that is sketched onto the mower’s touchscreen. The mower works within an area framed by sensor markers. Its blades are smaller than those on standard mowers, which allows for more rapid and accurate cutting. After the control system performs a series of calculations based on the sketch, small motors move the cutter shaft horizontally and vertically in accordance with the mower’s position within the sensor-defined area. Mowed grass is discharged at the rear." This is a red dot concept design winner 2013. 

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Apr 6, 2014
Creative 3D Garage Door Sticker Ideas

Do you want to make your garage unique and stand out from the crowd? You want to show like you have Harley's and Ferrari's lying in the garage? Well, Putting up these billboards will completely change the way your garage looks. And be sure that you will produce amazing impression on everybody, because the printed 3D designs look deceptively real and will make any nosy neighbor envious of your lifestyle. Think about something new and creative in your garage.. 

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Apr 3, 2014
The Bride Lamp by Mammalampa

"The Bride’s “dress” is created from paper presenting this traditional lamp material in an unusual solution. As light shines through the paper, you will find yourself infused by an aura of airy lightness ; almost as if the lamp were not subject to the law of gravity. This most definitely a lamp with a gender – the atmosphere created by the Bride is truly feminine. Entirely handmade, each Bride has her own personality characterized by the unique pattern in which her shade is woven with the personal touch of the weaver who created the pattern. no two Brides on earth are the same! The collection is comprised of ceiling lamps in two sizes and a kindred floor lamp and table lamp." Entire collection is designed by Latvian design studio Mammalampa.

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Apr 2, 2014
Cats Look Like Pin-Up Girls

In order to promote a new rockabilly fashion shop struck gold, an Australian marketing executive, Rach Aslett had to plan something creative and unique. Even thought this is her first attempt, she has came upon the idea of creating a Tumblr account of cats that look like vintage pin-up girls. She devised the idea to launch clothing and accessories store Hurly Burly - and had no idea that the resulting blog would become so popular. 

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Mar 31, 2014
Piano Key Hook

Put a little bit of music in your home with the wall mounted Piano Key Hook. This is a great way to hold all your keys in one place and never lose them again - simply press down a key to release them when you leave the house. The Key Piano has six black key rings which also double up as whistles for you to toot away. Designed by Qualy and can be purchased at naiise for $24.90.

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Mar 30, 2014
The Cumulus Parasol - Solar Powered Parasol

The Cumulus Parasol is a solar powered parasol that inflates itself when the sun starts shining. Whenever the sun comes out, this parasol inflates automatically to a cloud like shape using a solar panel at the top. The Parasol inflates in about 20 seconds and has a diameter of two meters. The cloud doesn't have a metal core structure. The curved shape of the inflated cloud is aerodynamic, allowing it to withstand windy weather. The nylon surface of the Cumulus is durable, lightweight, and strong. The silicone coating makes it water proof. Solar panels are positioned on top of the parasol. When it is sunny, these panels power a fan which inflates the body of the parasol. When the sun goes away the parasol deflates automatically. Also the parasol can be switched off using an additional switch which is integrated in the pole. Designed by Netherlands-based Studio Toer.

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